Is Data driving your strategy?

Psst . . . It should be.

Data is the lifeblood of your marketing strategy. You can invest countless hours and dollars into developing the best possible approach to engaging your network, but if your data is lacking, so will your results. At AWI, we understand the importance of high-quality data. We literally built a company on it. We’ve built our reputation on sourcing the most reliable data and curating it for your unique needs. So you can Be Certain, we know how important high-quality data is to the future of your business.

So, if your company needs better outcomes from its marketing strategies, AWI is ready to help immediately.

A Source of Data for Every Need

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with clients across industry verticals because we effectively bridge the gap between their specific needs and the vast world of data. For this reason, AWI functions in different capacities depending on the need of our client, however; you can Be Certain that AWI is data neutral. Whether the list manager, the data broker, or the list owner, with AWI you can Be Certain your needs come first.

At AWI, we can deliver first-party customer data, second-party hand-raisers, and the third-party sourced data required for insights and acquisitions. We can do it through any channel and for just about every use case.

We specialize in delivering data that is: multi-sourced, timely, high-performing. AWI offers In-Market, Purchase, Specialty Data, Trigger, and many other categories.

Our Trigger data delves into various life stages and life events, including but not limited to:

  • Affluent
  • Divorced
  • Engaged
  • GenX
  • Job-Seekers
  • Millenials
  • New Moms
  • New Movers
  • Newly Married
  • Pre-Movers
  • Prenatal
  • Recent Retirees
  • Senior Living
  • Young Families

Consumer Data Cards             Business Data Cards

Our Network of Data Partners Is Just the Beginning

We haven’t rested on our laurels, either. Our commitment to our clients’ data needs means our network of data partners is constantly expanding. This allows us to continuously source and deliver the customer and business data that our clients must have to reach their most ambitious marketing goals again and again.

At AWI we work with the best and want to work for you. So whether you are an agency, a list broker, an end-user, or a super smart direct marketing AI bot, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about you.

Consumer and Business Data is just the beginning. AWI works with you to build a solid, data-driven foundation for your marketing strategy, so you can truly understand and reach your customers. Understanding key elements of your market, simplifies cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increases the stickiness of your customer base to drive powerful retention strategies – improving revenues while lowering overhead.

At the same time, this kind of marketing strategy will also help you avoid the types of customers who churn, return, and may ultimately hurt your brand’s reputation on social media – a potentially very expensive problem.

AWI has an entire suite of services to create this foundation including:

Be Certain.

Every client has different data needs. Let AWI be your partner for all your current and future initiatives. AWI can craft a customized Data Solution to meet your needs. If you need timely in-market qualified leads to support your product or service, please see AWI’s Lead Generation solutions. At AWI we listen first, then deliver your unique solution to execute on your marketing objectives. Let us craft a solution to execute on your exact business needs. Become an AWI client today and Be Certain.

Looking for something specific? AWI Develops 100% Custom Solutions

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