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A high-performing email campaign can be your company’s most reliable asset for engaging qualified leads. Optimized email campaigns are a powerful source of reliable revenue for any company. AWI’s own Email Suite is delivered as standalone products or bundled. We turn your campaigns into consistent sources of revenue. AWI ensures that your campaign is not just deliverable, but literally is delivered.

In a tailspin managing your email campaigns in-house? Let AWI deliver you results and help you, figuratively and literally, unwind.

Don’t Launch Your Next Email Campaign without Our Help

If your company is handling its own email campaigns, we can help ensure their success through three different licensable email databases.

Primary Email Append Database

Launching an email campaign that relies on any incomplete data is dooming it to fail. That’s why our Primary Email Append Database is so popular among clients.
This database is accessible for:

  • Match
  • Match and Return
  • Match and Deploy
  • API
  • Install Delivery Models

It offers more than 260 million records – all permission-based, CAN-SPAM compliant, deliverable emails – of which 213 million are unique.

These email addresses contain complete information about each lead (e.g. full name, postal address, IP address, etc.) and have been passed through a multi-step cleansing process.

In short, your email campaigns will benefit from maximum deliverability.

Historical Archive Email Database

Do you need to identify older email addresses or build linkage and digital on-boarding applications?

AWI’s Historical Archive Email Database will give you access to 400 million records, which you can use to bring out-of-date consumer records current.

Combined with the Primary Email Database, these two products are vital for ensuring your campaigns are set up for success on a solid foundation.

Email Suppression Database

Suppression is essential before you launch your campaign. You need to cross-reference the addresses you intend to email with known:

  • SPAM Traps
  • Honey Pots
  • Known Complainers
  • Minors
  • Non-compliant Email Addresses

If you don’t, many of your emails will be unsuccessful and you may even hurt your sender reputation, making it much harder to contact people in the future.

Fortunately, our Email Suppression Database consists of 230 million undeliverable emails to check yours against before launching a campaign.

AWI Can Handle Your Entire Email Campaign

Our end-to-end Email Services Suite offers a one-stop-shop for everything you need to launch a campaign for your business. It includes append, reverse append, validation, and deployment services.

We’ll utilize our multi-sourced email database to append your existing customer information and even discover lists of prospects we know are most likely to convert. If you already have email addresses, we’ll conduct a reverse append to match them to accurate sources of data.

After that, we’ll submit all of these addresses to our email verification engine, which provides real-time verification using multiple data fields ensuring we’re emailing real people and even assigns them scores using predictive engagement algorithms.

Get the Most from Your Email Marketing Efforts

If email marketing campaigns aren’t one of your company’s most valuable assets, it’s probably because your current customer database is hindering your results.

Instead of continuing to suffer from underwhelming ROIs, let AWI help 🙂 Utilize one of the products from our Email Suite and create a profitable database you’ll be able to leverage again and again.

Otherwise, our team would be more than happy to handle your entire campaign end-to-end. AWI delivers all you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the results!