In the words of Gordon Gekko . . .

The most valuable commodity I know of is information.

Data is one of the most valuable assets for your company. Data enhancement can unlock the door by answering the questions that you have about your customers so that you can target high-value prospects and convert them into high-value customers.

If you’ve invested large amounts of time and money into better understanding your customers but continue to miss your marketing or product initiative goals, the solution lies with AWI filling your data gaps.
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At AWI, our passion is helping clients by providing solutions that are far more efficient, and thus far more cost-effective, than attempting to do it yourself. We also ensure the accuracy of the information. Think of AWI as your data designer. We leverage the data pieces you have, enhance your data with a pop of color here and there to remediate the gaps, and deliver you a cohesive, complete customer profile.
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How AWI’s Data Enhancement Services Create Profitable Insights

At AWI, we scour the marketplace, identify the very best data match to your specific needs, and deliver you the best tightness of fit.

By leveraging multiple data sources, you’ll be able to validate the information you already have while saving time you’d otherwise need to fill in these data gaps yourself. And, even better, multiple data sources also allow you to develop extended insights far beyond what first-party data can ever provide on its own.

This is a superior approach to basing important business decisions solely on a single source of information, which could include erroneous data. We even offer multiple integration options, from traditional batch to fully-automated programmatic solutions. AWI can do this once, weekly, monthly, or at any cadence you desire.
We already have it compiled, clean, and ready to go.

Finding High-Impact, Actionable Data

Don’t simply impute data, Be Certain that it is correct. Most enhancement solutions offer far more data than any company could ever realistically get through. This infamous problem is often referred to as the “ocean of data.” Your company could needlessly spend countless hours wading through all this information and still not acquire the insights necessary for growing your business.

AWI has consumer data for every market, and constantly adding to our stores of data, which you can leverage to more effectively engage and convert potential customers. Whether you are in need of one of the more common categories below or looking for niche data, AWI will find and deliver you the data that you need. And we are super nice to work with, so it really is a win-win.

  • Demographics
  • Life Stage & Lifestyle
  • Life Event Triggers
  • Transactional & In-Market
  • Specialty Data

B2B companies have distinct needs when it comes to utilizing data to drive their marketing efforts. Our massive collection of business data for B2B clients includes but is not limited to:

  • Firmographics: SIC/NAICS Code, Entity Type, Years in Business, Business Site & Corporate Hierarchy, Number of Employees, Revenue
  • Contact Data: Company Name, Principles, Key Decision Makers, Job Titles, Phone Number, Email Address

At AWI, we also craft customized solutions for any client with unique needs requiring specific forms of data.

Data Append

A fast and effective data append service helps you better understand your customers. Our data is pulled from multiple sources and is designed to provide you with actionable data, not more information than you know what to do with. With market-wide expertise across evaluating, merging, sourcing, and verifying data. This allows us to form high-value relationships with clients, ensuring that you can drive sales and meet your most ambitious goals. And your goals are our priority. AWI is vendor-neutral. You can rest assured that we put you first.

Does Your Company Face Unique Challenges?

Depending on the industry in which you operate, understanding your market may entail confronting a number of different unique challenges. Typical data enhancement solutions may have even failed to overcome them in the past.

This is why we create custom Data Enhancement Solutions that are tailor-made for these types of challenges. It will save you the time and money you’d otherwise spend taking a trial-and-error approach. Customized solutions may also be the only way you’re able to take advantage of a new, promising opportunity. If you can see its potential but can’t find the information required to make the most of such an opportunity, AWI’s Data Enhancement services can help. Contact AWI and let us show you how to monetize your data today.