Data Driven Decisions - Not Just Fun Alliteration

Can you say it five times fast? Go!

Does your company need highly-targeted prospects in order to meet specific objectives?

Are you unable to use your customer database to identify the best candidates for cross-selling, up-selling, and partnered offers?

AWI’s suite of Data Analytics services can go far deeper into your data than other insight initiatives are able to and identify the type of actionable information your company can use to overcome any marketing challenge.

Not Just Analysis, Actionable Insights

At AWI, our high-performance analytics are a direct result of the high-quality data we use. We obtain this data from multiple sources across an unlimited network of analytical partners, which allows us to deliver the best possible solution based on your company’s unique needs.

This high-quality data will allow you to take full advantage of the information you already have on your current customers. AWI has a deep network and extensive experience with data sourcing, which is why we have been so successful at predictive modeling.

By utilizing high-quality data to drive these analytical models, we can directly improve your acquisition targeting, so that you’re not just focusing on new customers but new customers that will turn into your best customers. Leverage these insights so you’re able to extend their loyalty across multiple business lines.

These insights will be driven by:

  • Financial Data
  • Behaviorial Data
  • Transactional Data
  • In-Market Data

AWI’s Data Segmentation and Customer Insight Profiles will provide even greater insights into your customers and prospects.

Our extensive network gives us the power to deliver far beyond what typical demographic data can achieve, integrating:

  • Attitudinal Data
  • Behavioral Data
  • Life-Stage and Life Event Triggers
  • Purchasing Data

The result is the kind of enhanced view of your customers and wider market that can be used to drive greater profits.

For example, you can use the Insight Profile to create relevant and timely offers that improve client retention and acquisition.

Create Profitable Customer Personas

Accurate customer personas will give your company all the information it needs to engage and convert your ideal customers again and again.

AWI will create graphical, highly-descriptive representations of your ideal customers, so you can analyze exactly how they behave and interact with your business.

Build and Market to New Audiences

Is your company in need of a new audience to meet your growth and profitability goals?

AWI will work with you and/or your marketing agency to fully leverage Data Segmentation and Customer Insight Profiles. This will result in previously unexplored audiences, which means your company can immediately enjoy greater conversions, cross-sales, and customer loyalty and retention.

Need a Customized Solution?

Over the years, we’ve served countless clients from almost every industry.

Often times, these clients have extremely specific goals that can only be achieved through customized solutions.

At AWI, we always listen to our clients first before recommending a path forward.

We are also able to craft a customized solution by choosing from our suite of Data Analytics products that include the following powerful services:

  • Analytical Models and Scoring
  • Audience Development
  • Customer Insight Profiles
  • Data Segmentation

Demand More from Your Data

Don’t accept anything less than actionable insights from your data – insights which are able to improve profits and grow your business.

Contact AWI today to learn about how AWI can help your company get the most from its data and achieve your unique goals.