When Made To Measure Doesn't Measure Up

Does your unique company have equally unique data needs?

Have you tried to work around these needs as best you can because the perfect solution doesn’t exist?

Take some advice from Coco Chanel, “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

At AWI, we take pride in the fact that our expertise and resources are so vast that we can create Custom Solutions capable of achieving any goal you set out for us.

If your company’s current efforts are falling short because you’re trying to solve symptoms rather than the underlying issue, AWI’s Custom Solutions will change that.

“I Know You Can’t Do This, But…”

Over the years, these are the exact words many of our clients have used right before finding out that we can definitely deliver what they need.

That’s because we’ve spent years assembling a comprehensive suite of assets, which function as standalone solutions but can also be seamlessly combined into a customized service capable of achieving whatever desired outcome our clients are after.

In the past, many of our clients have asked us for Custom Solutions that featured:

  • Unique Types of Data
  • Installed Data Solutions
  • Enterprise Data Markets
  • Nontraditional Lead Generation

AWI has even been successful at addressing the most “outside of the box” requests. So no matter how impossible you may think your goal is, our decades of experience in data management, digital marketing, and campaign execution will ensure you are able to achieve it.

Creating Successful Custom Solutions Begins with Listening to Our Clients

Aside from our extensive experience in this field, working with clients across almost every industry, we have succeeded with creating custom solutions because we also take the time to listen – and ask the right questions – before proceeding.

It’s vital that we understand exactly what your company wants to accomplish, what challenges stand in the way, and how this Custom Solution will need to function to fit in with your current operations.

Of course, you may not have all the answers. That’s fine. We’ll make sure we’re both clear on the specifics before getting started.

Once everyone is on the same page, AWI will access its deep network of data and service partners – we are not limited to only one – to bring your vision to life.

Common Examples of Our Successful Custom Solutions

AWI’s Custom Solutions include:

  • Email Marketing – We can bundle our powerful email services and combine them with email verification and deployment. Your company can even pay via subscription model to eliminate budget variability.
  • Enterprise Data Markets – Our team can make your company’s essential data assets available across your enterprise, hosted within your current infrastructure, so they are easy to access securely.
  • Innovative Lead Generation Solutions – If your call center isn’t seeing the intake it needs, we can craft a platform that will fix that using our lead generation expertise, technology, and partners.

Empower Your Company with the Custom Solutions It Needs

At AWI, we love a good challenge.

If you think your request for a Custom Solution is far too ambitious, you haven’t seen what AWI can deliver. We look forward to proving that we’re up to any task. It’s how AWI clients know they can achieve any goal. #ChallengeAccepted #BeCertain

What are you hoping to accomplish?

Select a scenario below to see how AWI delivered:

Identify Qualified Individuals to Participate in a Research Trial

Urgent results require immediate attention. Your product, service, or need may have specific eligibility requirements or be a limited time offer, and you need results yesterday. That's why you have AWI. We consistently provide clients with qualified prospects who are currently in-market and ready to engage right now. AWI's lead generation solutions combined with data analytics can be fit and refit – tailored to your dynamic needs every single day.

Clinical Trials Need Tryers to Get to Market

With time running out, one of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies turned to AWI to deliver qualified individuals to participate in a clinical research trial.

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Select Best Data Partnership for Ground Up Custom Solution

Your timeline is aggressive, and you need to find the right data solutions partner with the expertise to develop and deliver a complete custom solution. That’s why you have AWI.

Automated Pure Intelligent API Wins the Day

When a national data solutions provider needed a data partner with an extensive national consumer email database that could deliver a custom solution that adhered to unique, fixed, critical business requirements, they turned to AWI to deliver. And deliver we did.

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Increase New Business Contacts

Once revenue begins to plateau, it is a matter of time before the downturn. That's why you have AWI. We work with you to ensure that the problems of today don’t come back tomorrow. Implementing a solution that cannot scale isn’t a solution, it’s a band-aid. Combining our expertise with our solutions delivers a scalable solution to your issue, not just a symptom of it.

How Enhancing a Database Helped Drive 36% YOY Revenue Growth

When a small but successful program offering New to the World businesses to customers began to plateau, AWI delivers a custom solution with scale and 36% year over year revenue growth.

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Drive Promotion Participation and Increase Store Traffic

Do you know where every piece of your data is and how to best utilize it? If data isn’t actionable then its just taking up space. That why you have AWI. Utilizing various models, data enhancement techniques, and market expertise, AWI delivers you targetable and actionable data so that you can Be Certain of your direct marketing strategies.

When A Whole Lot of Data Isn’t Whole Data

When a leading sports and activity retailer needs to drive local store traffic and targeted prospects they turn to AWI to deliver a double win.

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