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Zacks Investment Research

Postal Universe
12 Month Hotline
3 Month Hotline
Canadian Registrants

Zacks Investment Research from AWI has just been updated with new hotline counts and new, first time available selects. US and Canadian names are available. These subscribers are interested in stocks and financial offers and seek advice via in this volatile market. But they are much more than investors; they have discretionary income to purchase from catalogs, donate to a variety of charitable causes. They are multi-channel savvy using both online AND offline channels as demonstrated by this new update and the selects available.

The website is designed to help individuals become more successful investors. Zacks provides tools that allow investors to research, select, and track their investments more effectively. At the heart of all Zacks research is the Zacks Rank, a proprietary stock analysis and selection system with an enviable track record for outperforming the market. This audience is perfect for fundraising, catalogs, investments, financial products, travel, insurance, and much more!!


  • Male 547K
  • Female 117K
  • Married 403K
  • Single Male 116K
  • Single Female 64K
  • College Degree 165K
  • Graduate Degree 115K
  • Homeowner SFDU 513K
  • Presence of Child 203K
  • Prof/Tech/Managerial 231K
  • Medical/Financial/Legal 27K
  • Working Women 223K
  • Charitable Donors 356K
  • Health Donors 117K
  • Political Donors 243K
  • Democrat 151K
  • Republican 93K


  • Cooking 355K
  • Electronics 417K
  • Exercise 343K
  • Home Improvement 386K
  • Finance 316K
  • Movies/Music 301K
  • Reading 406K

Buying Behavior

  • Online Purchase 568K
  • Offline Purchase 464K
  • $100+ Purchase 287K
  • Mail Order Buyers 521K
  • Catalog Buyers 424K
  • Magazine Buyers 262K
  • 3+ Orders (Online/Offline) 331K
  • 5+ Orders (Online/Offline) 271K
  • Women’s Apparel Buyers 381K
  • Children’s Product Buyers 216K
  • Readers 406K

Be first in the mailbox with AWI! Counts are updated monthly, published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

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Counts updated monthly, published quarterly.


3 Month Hotline
12 Month Hotline
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Minimum Order Quantity

Postal Universe

Net Name Available

85% on orders ≥ 50000
$10/M Run Charge

Reuse Available

Minimum Reuse Order

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