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Short Term Lending Database

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Short Term Consumer Lending Database from AWI delivers verified consumers who have both qualified for and signed up for one or more short term lending products. All consumer data was verified at the time of the consumer qualified for and executed the lending product agreement.

With over 45MM loan level records and an average monthly new-to-files of 2MM records, AWI’s Short Term Consumer Lending Database delivers an audience that is actively seeking lending and other financial products to help them manage their debts and improve their financial health. These consumers are also candidates for automotive and consumer products that offer pay-over-time terms for financing. Short term lending is a growing industry that serves underbanked and sub-prime consumer segments as well as provides a bridge convenience product for busy consumers. AWI’s Short Term Consumer Lending Database is aggregated from multiple online sources providing non-regulated short term consumer lending products.

AWI’s Short Term Consumer Lending Database is available to license. Please inquire.

AWI Branded Data offers you unique data products exclusively available from Andrews Wharton and our extensive partnerships across the data industry. AWI is your multi-channel solutions partner to be first in the mailbox and the Inbox! Counts are updated monthly and published quarterly. Please inquire about net/net arrangements, licensing, and usage.

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