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Multi-Residence Homeowners

Postal Universe
Homeowners With 2 Properties
Homeowners With 3 Properties

Multi-Residence Homeowners from AWI reaches homeowners at their residential address who own multiple single family properties and is separated by 2 properties and 3 properties!

AWI brings you the Multi-Residence Homeowners database which is updated monthly through various sources and has been enhanced to identify a myriad of demographic and lifestyle/life-stage attributes, such as presence of children, household income, length of residence, and much more!

This unique audience who has the disposable income to support the needs that accompany multiple residence responsibilities, these folks purchase more because their needs span more locations. Marketers can refine their targeting by not only selecting the primary residence but also state and zip code of the investment or vacation sites.

These multi-property homeowners are a perfect fit for all sorts of home services: internet, cable, telecom, security services, landscaping and property maintenance. Other offers that these multi-residence homeowners need are retail, credit card offers, catalog credit offers, electronics, direct to consumer insurance offers and much more!

Be first in the mailbox with AWI! Counts are updated monthly and published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

Are you looking for a multi-channel solutions partner? AWI is your one-stop shop to be first in the mailbox and the Inbox! AWI literally delivers your emails! AWI email services price includes HTML setup, transmission, testing, and reporting.

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Counts updated monthly, published quarterly.


Homeowners With 2 Properties
Homeowners With 3 Properties
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