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I Need Auto Insurance

Postal Universe
Monthly Hotline

I Need Auto Insurance from AWI is a file comprised of drivers in need of information and quotes on their forthcoming expiration of auto insurance. Every single individual in this universe has actively accessed on-line sites in search for auto quotes and have granted permission for marketing purposes either through postal or phone list rental.

This universe has responded to marketing campaigns and want to hear from you now so make sure that they receive your offer first!

AWI brings you I Need Auto Insurance who are excellent prospects for auto accessories, automotive parts, extended auto warranties, and maybe even A NEW CAR! This universe is looking to optimize how they spend their money and loves a good deal.

Be first in the mailbox with AWI! Counts are updated monthly and published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

Are you looking for a multi-channel solutions partner? AWI is your one-stop shop to be first in the mailbox and the Inbox! AWI literally delivers your emails! AWI email services price includes HTML setup, transmission, testing, and reporting.

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Counts updated monthly, published quarterly.


Monthly Hotline
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Phone Number
Expiration Date



Minimum Order Quantity

Postal Universe

Net Name Available

85% on orders ≥ 50000
$10/M Run Charge

Reuse Available

Minimum Reuse Order

Tracking Code ID

NextMark ID

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