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FIRST IN New Construction New Movers

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FIRST IN is the complete source of occupied new construction homes and delivers these new movers earlier than just about any other source. These new homeowners are a prime audience for a variety of offers such as telephone, cable, internet, home furnishings, electronics, publishing and much more! This audience is active, with sound credit and is ready to buy.

As we know, being first in the mailbox is key to a winning strategy with new movers. AWI’s FIRST IN is the most complete source of inhabited newly constructed homes on the market. The file is updated every week and a mailer can have their offer in the mail only days after the record was captured. Don’t take our word for it, just listen to what some of our clients’ have to say, “invaluable source for unique new mover addresses not found on other new mover databases”, “identifies 70% to 80% more unique addresses than other sources”, “out performed every other file in the mail plan.” This unique source of new movers offers unmatched uniqueness, freshness and outstanding coverage.

The addresses for newly constructed homes are not “activated” until a move-in occurs. These records are released as soon as the mail delivery process begins and AWI activates them as New construction families. Developed using postal intelligence and powered by Valassis’ unique patent-pending technology.

AWI’s FIRST IN New Construction New Movers offers monthly or weekly hotlines and other key demographic selects. AWI is your multi-channel solutions partner! AWI is your one-stop shop to be first in the mailbox and the Inbox! AWI literally delivers your emails! AWI email services price includes HTML setup, transmission, testing, and reporting. Counts are updated weekly and published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

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Counts updated weekly, published quarterly.


Monthly Hotline
Weekly Hotline
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Postal Universe

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85% on orders ≥ 50000
$10/M Run Charge

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