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Canadian Consumer Database

Postal Universe
3 Month Hotline

Canadian Consumer Database from AWI is sourced from proprietary sources and telephone directories that specifically carry an opt-out within the phone books themselves. These directory-sources literally contain content dedicated to consumer notification and opt-out.

This use statement with negative option “opt-out” is written within each source publication in order to insure Canadian personal information is in compliance. With our close affiliation with the major phone carriers we are able to offer the freshest, most clean Canadian consumer addresses with the most updated phone connection.

AWI brings you the Canadian Consumer Database chock-full of super prospects for fundraising, catalogs, retail, insurance, financial, and publications.

Be first in the mailbox with AWI! Counts are updated monthly and published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

Canadian Business Database from AWI is sourced from the yellow pages, business white pages and other public record type sources. This is the perfect file for all of your Canadian business needs, eh!

AWI brings you the Canadian Business Database which includes all standard firmographic data elements such as SIC codes, phone number, sales volume and every other high demand business file selections.

These Canadians are the perfect prospects for business and consumer gift catalogs, holiday sales, cards, apparel, jewelry, high end catalogs, food and gift catalogs, promotional and marketing merchandise, office supplies, stationary, office decor, travel, credit cards and more.

AWI is your multi-channel solutions partner! AWI is your one-stop shop to be first in the mailbox and the Inbox! AWI literally delivers your emails! AWI email services price includes HTML setup, transmission, testing, and reporting. Counts are updated monthly and published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

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Counts updated monthly, published quarterly.


3 Month Hotline
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