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Active Deal Explorers

Postal Universe
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AWI presents its proprietary database of Active Deal Explorers. These consumer Explorers know how to research, are actively searching for the best offers and deals all over the internet and are engaging with offers that help them save money. With many product and service offer categories, from home security to senior care, Active Deal Explorers delivers consumers who are looking to become customers.

Put AWI’s lead generation expertise to work for you. As AWI generates interest for a variety of products and services the outcome is millions of consumer engagements every month including live call center and online interactions. This allows AWI to grow the consumer profile, qualify consumers for various offers, and results in our Explorers database. Additional selects may be available, please inquire. AWI is excited to bring you our most current consumer information as a list selection or licensed database install. Please inquire about licensing.

All records were collected in a consumer privacy compliant manner and all consumers receive options to opt-out of third-party marketing use of their information. Counts are published quarterly. Please inquire about usage.

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Counts updated weekly, published quarterly.


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Minimum Order Quantity

Postal Universe

Net Name Available

85% on orders ≥ 50000
$10/M Run Charge

Reuse Available

Minimum Reuse Order

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