But How Did They Do It?

With AWI :)

AWI’s client, a national new homeowner welcoming service, used email campaigns to market local businesses to families that had recently moved into the area.

The challenge was to increase the number of families this company was able to reach while also reducing the costs involved. They also had strict geographical specifications for new movers in non-contiguous marketing areas throughout the country.

The Andrews Wharton Solution in Action

AWI met all of the client’s specifications and delivered a customized two-prong approach that combined:

  • A multi-sourced new movers database.
  • A consumer email append database.

Leveraging proprietary algorithms, AWI delivered 35% more “new” new movers to the client’s email address on a monthly basis.

The Results

After implementing AWI’s approach, the company was able to offer their clients 11% more new movers and a 46% lift in contact rate.

Furthermore, the company is now able to enjoy the ongoing benefits of a successful email marketing funnel: increased ROI and decreased overhead.

As a result, they have been able to boost their revenues and business growth by investing these savings in other marketing channels.

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