Your Offer Better Not Be Late

A national retailer came to AWI for help because they were struggling to expand their reach and increase sales for their infant product lines.

The client needed to target moms-to-be in their 2nd trimester and have them – or a family member – sign up for their registry program.

This client also had strict requirements for prenatal prospects with specific demographic selects and defined geographic regions throughout the United States.

The Andrews Wharton Solution in Action

AWI leveraged years of experience working with this audience to immediately identify several unique sources of new leads for this company.

Next, AWI assessed the client’s current marketing activities and realized they had to be expanded in scope in order to reach this audience and convert them.

To achieve these objectives, AWI developed and helped to implement a multi-channel test strategy. This included a weekly program to monitor the results of the strategy, so the most effective channels could be scaled up right away.

The Results

AWI’s solution proved to be a massive success on all fronts. The client saw consistent increases in registry sign-ups. Overall, they enjoyed a response rate lift of 11%.

They also credited AWI’s strategy for growing their store’s traffic and a significant increase in revenue.

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