Sports Retailer Realizes a 45% Lift in Targeted Prospects

AWI’s client was a leading a sports and activity retailer that needed to drive store traffic and increase its sales.

However, they had multiple data feeds each with limited data points that were required for targeting within all of their customer data. To make this input data actionable, the data needed to be further refined and enhanced.

The Andrews Wharton Solution in Action

AWI took a multi-sourced approach to the challenge, comparing their house file against a number of large national databases. This maximized match rates and enhanced partial records, making them targetable and actionable.

After leveraging fuzzy-match logic to optimize the number of complete records available, AWI then further enhanced them by utilizing an internal model to align the campaign strategies and determine the best path forward.

Furthermore, a multi-channel approach was used to achieve additional goals:

  • Gain Additional Reach
  • Bolster Brand Awareness
  • Glean Insights into Convenient Retail Locations

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the program to the point they considered it a double-winner.

First, AWI’s overall solution was successful at delivering a 45% lift in targeted prospects.

Second, the campaign also succeeded at driving incremental traffic and increased sales to their local retail locations.

After this initial engagement, the client returned to AWI for help with additional goals, including creating effective customer win-back strategies.

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