Putting the Fun Into Fundraising

A leading non-profit provider came to AWI for help in achieving two very important goals:

1. Increasing its reach to potential donors.
2. Increasing response rates across all of their mail campaigns.

Furthermore, the client had a limited geographic region, specific income, and age select for their offers, and a time-sensitive directive to meet campaign deadlines.

The Andrews Wharton Solution in Action

AWI’s analytics team working closely with its non-profit client determined that a custom model based on the end user’s actual data would be the solution of choice. Together they developed set objectives for a model that would deliver a multi-channel solution that incorporated both email and postal mail.

This custom model was designed to fully engage potential prospects and future donors using AWI’s proprietary modeling techniques. Its central objective was finding populations that would be most likely to pay for a donor membership and convert.

The Results

By working closely with the client, AWI’s analytics team was able to complete the model on time and within budget. This model went on to provide new targeted-scored prospects, essential for the campaign’s success.

In the top deciles, AWI’s model produced a lift of 2.5x more likely to donate than the non-profit’s average prospect.

Following this success, the client now looks to AWI as an ongoing source of modeled records and a valuable partner. AWI is providing these solutions under a multiyear engagement at the client’s request, to ensure continuity of results.

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