Think of AWI as Your Own Fairy Godmother

A national data solutions provider needed to partner with a firm that had an extensive national consumer email database.

However, it also had to adhere to the company’s unique, fixed business requirements.

These included:

  • Real-Time Delivery Service Levels
  • Scalable Data Prerequisites
  • 24/7 Access

Furthermore, their real-time 24/7 interface had to have logic that could recognize different types of orders (e.g. variable quantity caps, scheduling requirements, etc.).

As the company was working with a very aggressive timeline, AWI was not the only firm they had contacted with the prospect of a partnership.

The Andrews Wharton Solution in Action

Nonetheless, AWI won the client’s business by delivering a custom API that would grant them access to their national consumer email database.

With the API, the client was able to easily append, cap orders, and send back email-verified records in a single pass for their customers’ email orders and campaigns.

The Results

In light of AWI’s ability to deliver a custom, automated, scalable, and efficient response, the client was excited to move forward with a partnership.

AWI’s value-added response provided the client with:

  • Quality Data with an Overall Match Rate of +35%
  • Automated 24/7 Access
  • A Cleansed and Verified Appended Email Record

The company is now also able to customize orders by capping matches and even help manage their client’s budgets.

Consequently, the client not only deemed AWI’s solution to be a complete and total success but also cited that it was one which other firms had been unable to match.

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