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Should You Send Direct Mail or Only Market Digitally?

We all love to call direct mail junk mail, but it gets touched, read, re-read, and saved more than email marketing. Let’s talk about direct mail solutions.

“Americans who say they look forward to receiving the mail each day are more positive about getting every type of item than those who don’t think much about checking the mail.” Gallup 

Has cart abandonment got you down? Send direct mail to your busy customers and get the sale back. Wait. What? Yes, with our reverse append product, we can match an IP address with a physical address. Send mail to people who enjoy the experience.

Should You Use Direct Mail?

Yes. Direct mail can be an effective partner to your digital ads. We have a sort of blindness to the ads we see on TV and have carried that over to our internet experiences. We know ads are coming and use those as restroom breaks while watching YouTube.

“As the digital universe, rife with uncertainty and struggling to find maturity, continues to evolve, advertisers are turning back to a timeless, if unlikely savior, in direct mail.” Neil Patel 

But what if you could send a direct mail piece to your website visitors?

How Do I Use Direct Mail with Website Visitors?

With our Reverse Append product, we can convert your website visitors into revenue-generating customers. We offer multiple integration options for Reverse Append IP Targeting, from traditional append to fully-licensed installations.

Our product gives you the ability to send direct mail campaigns to customers who have intent. It’s basically handing you a warm lead. Who doesn’t love warm leads?

What is Reverse Append?

Traditional IP Targeting matches a lead’s physical address to their IP address. This allows an advertising platform to serve digital ads to that lead. This helps to establish a digital connection with your potential customers.

Reverse Append, on the other hand, matches an IP address with a physical address in order to deliver direct mail pieces to your website visitors. Combine this technology with smart brand awareness campaigns and your sales will show the green arrows you’re looking for.

How Does Reverse Append Work?

A pixel is installed on specific pages, and/or site-wide, based on your pre-defined triggering rules such as cart abandonment, form fill abandonment, or cumulative time on a webpage. Creating a landing page for this campaign is best for lead scores and tracking over digital.

Once your potential customer scrolls, clicks, or fills out a form, the pixel loads and collects the anonymous IP address. Voila! Our product matches the user’s physical address from their IP address.

This allows you to send a direct mail piece with a specific offer to your website visitor’s mailing address.

What is the AWI Reverse Append Difference?

AWI’s Reverse Append can retarget without the use of cookies. We take your visitor’s digital footprint and match it to your visitor’s physical address to deliver a direct mail piece to their mailbox within days of their visit.

Be Known. Be Insightful. Be Certain.

In the famous words of Gordon Gekko, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” Unlock your website visitors so that you can convert website visitors into revenue-generating customers.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can monetize your visitor data.

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