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Sure Your Pop-Up Works But Is it Collecting Junk Email Addresses?

Whenever the debate comes up about pop-ups or email subscription banners on websites, you’ll always read someone say, “I love pop-ups because they work.” Okay. Cool. But what email addresses are you actually collecting and are they, in fact, junk email addresses?

The Effectiveness of Pop-Ups

PopUp forms, regardless of when they appear, have one purpose: collect email addresses. They’re sometimes triggered by time or user behavior (as in exit-intent pop-ups). To really have a healthy open conversation about pop-up forms, we have to agree on the definition of works. If “works” means that the user saw the pop-up, gave an email address, then we’re speaking the same language. In this scenario, works equals an email address. Works also means “conversion.”

“The top 10% highest-performing pop-ups averaged a 9.28% conversion rate. And, by conversion rate, we mean someone who saw a pop-up and took action.” Sumo

So, with your form submission, what else do you know about the user? Perhaps you asked for a first and last name. That’s good, too. The more data we collect as businesses, the more we can market to users. Well, good for marketing, bad for privacy, but that’s another blog post.

What’s a Junk Email Address?

Junk email addresses are those that are used just for signing up for free trials and things like this. They could be a second or third account that never gets checked (the digital equivalent of the house phone) or completely disposable. There’s even a trick to do it with Gmail. So, users signing up with junk email addresses is likely more common than you’d hope. (Sad Panda)

The result for a user is that they can try something out and keep sales emails out of their primary email box. The net result for marketers is that our email marketing audiences could be littered with debris. What’s the solution? Well, keep on reading!

Don’t Let Junk Email Addresses Bring Your Conversion Rate Down

Email signups are awesome. Who doesn’t like a big list? (You know we love our databases.) But if your big list is full of junk addresses, it won’t do much for your conversion rate or get you closer to your business goals. With our Email Append Database, on your side, you’ll be sure to see success in your next email marketing campaign.

How? Our email append database offers more than 260 million records which are all permission-based, CAN-SPAM compliant, deliverable emails. Our product will help you match addresses, find the good ones, and toss out the junk.

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