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Are You Offering Non-Insurance Items to Your New Prospects?

Just as the pandemic has changed where people work, it’s changed people who and, more importantly, who they work with. With the insurance industry leaning toward AI to automate the underwriting process (Lemonade), insurance companies are looking for quality prospects.

Agile insurance underwriters, brokers, and agents are those who will take a deep look at lead gen processes that work. We know how to help you close those deals: offer something extra (customer service) and reach them first (close the deal). It’s the one-two punch for any sales professional.

Offering Insurance Prospects Something Extra

Customer service has always been the key differentiator when price alone isn’t a factor. Maybe the just-out-of-college couple will sign up for an AI-driven insurance company for renter’s insurance. That’s fine. Be different.

What you really want is prospects that are new homeowners, right? What else do they need besides homeowners insurance? They need referrals for alarm companies, moving companies, landscapers, and pool guys, and maybe introductions to neighborhood associations. How can you partner with those types of services to add value?

“Instead, our survey shows that, excluding price, insurers believe that offering non-insurance products that add value and are extensions of their core products (including areas such as home security, financial planning and car maintenance) is the most important factor for consumers when choosing their provider, mentioned by 62% of respondents overall.” Deloitte

Reaching Insurance Prospects First

How do you reach insurance prospects first if you don’t know who they are? Yes, you could spend your advertising budget on Valpak, billboards, and grocery store receipt adverts. Those types of brand awareness campaigns work, but not quickly. They take time to grow.

Lead generation with email marketing is a match made in marketing heaven. Email copy that converts is one thing, your list is a whole other ballgame. Does your current email marketing have low open rates and depressing click rates? Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s your list.

What if you had access to new movers? What if you partnered with a company that could verify and deploy your email marketing campaigns — to the audience who most needs home and life policies?

This data set is updated every Monday with over 70,000 verified email addresses. Imagine what kind of close-to-quote ratio that would bring you!

We’d love to schedule a call to provide this solution. Now the next thing you need to search for is another assistant because you’re just too busy! Wish we could help with that.

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