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How Legitimate Is That Email List of Yours?

High-performing email campaigns require sanitized, quality email lists. If your list isn’t up to the task, how can you trust the results? Let’s fix that.

Not All Email Lists Are Created Equal

Big brands use big money to get big data and sometimes, we’re sorry to say, not-so-big results. Why is that? Well, garbage in, garbage out, so they say. Meaning, are the email addresses on your email list even active? Are they known complainers? They could even be SPAM traps! That would be terrible.

If your open rates are in the teens, we need to talk. Your list may be reduced in size, but you’ll make up for it in quality. That’s how the numbers work. Would you rather be able to say you have 75,000 people on your email list or that you have a 32% open rate? We’re guessing the latter.

Since we have literally millions of entries in our database to check against (historical, suppression, and more) then you can be assured that the marketing campaign you send is actually opened and read by engaged people.

Marketing is for humans, not bots!

How Can I Legitimize My Email List?

We’ll keep this post short since we know you’re busy writing the copy for your new email campaign!

We’re data nerds so, of course, we’d be thrilled to help legitimize your list. With one of the products from our Email Suite, we can create a legitimate and engaged email list that you’ll be proud to leverage.

Send email to the right people who choose to opt-in and get ready for open rates that make your marketing reports — and the CFO — smile.

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