Who has time for stale leads, incorrect email addresses, or junk addresses? What if you had an email verification service to help your deliverability?

Improve Your Marketing Campaigns with Email Verification

Who has time for stale leads, incorrect email addresses, or junk addresses? You don’t and neither does your sales team. And don’t even get us started on email marketing KPIs. Right? Well, we can’t help but tell you about our email verification service part of our suite of audience solution products.

What Matters in Email Marketing?

Which came first, the click or the open rate? What really matters in the context of your business goal and campaign objectives? Do you want 40,000 subscribers to your email marketing campaigns with a 20% open rate or 4,000 subscribers with a 40% open rate? Now, we’ve talked about how open rates are kind of hard to nail down thanks to privacy laws and iOS 14+. So let’s talk about click rates.

Would you like to have 40,000 subscribers with a 10% click rate or 4,000 subscribers with a 40% click rate? We’re guessing you’d like a higher click rate. Why? Because email marketing is about action. It’s about bringing people to your website and further down into your sales funnel.

You can’t bring leads to your sales funnel and convert them into customers if you don’t bring them to your website first. They can’t be part of your funnel if you don’t have a nurturing or drip campaign. But, that’s another blog post.

When does email marketing go awry? It goes awry when your email address data is incomplete or wrong.

Sending email marketing campaigns to invalid, stale, or junk email addresses is a waste of marketing resources – at best.

How do you solve that problem? Email verification.

Email Verification Made Easy

We know that deliverability is crucial to your email marketing campaign’s success. Building brand awareness, staying top-of-mind, and moving leads through your funnel has an important dependency: email address verification.

Your customers and prospects use an ever-changing number of email addresses – which is even easier now thanks to iOS15. But the real-time solution to email verification is here. With our automated Email Verification Service you can quickly verify the email addresses you are about to send your marketing campaigns – right before your email messages go out.

If this sounds like the marketing solution you need, send us an email. Your email campaign success depends on it.

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