More "New" New Movers Reached

Not Just More "New" New Movers

As a national new homeowner welcoming service, AWI’s client needed to improve the number of new movers they were able to reach on behalf of their customers.

Their method of choice was certainly a reliable one: email campaigns.

Unfortunately, this client had hit a plateau and their ongoing efforts had been unsuccessful at increasing the number of new movers they were able to bring to the businesses they served.

They needed a solution that would introduce their clients – local businesses – to new families who recently moved to the area. This also had to be done at a reduced cost when compared to traditional marketing tactics.

The client’s challenge was compounded by the fact that they also had strict geographical specifications for new movers in non-contiguous marketing areas spread throughout the United States.

Combining Two Proven Services into One Powerful Approach

AWI was successful at addressing the scope of this multifaceted challenge because of their robust suite of services.

This meant delivering a customized, two-prong approach that combined:

  • A new mover’s database that drew from multiple sources
  • A consumer email append database

Together, these two solutions were able to provide the client with the contacts they needed. Best of all, this combined solution was successful within the client’s original specifications.

35% “New” New Movers

Leveraging their proprietary algorithms, AWI delivered 35% more “new” new movers to the company’s email address – every month.

As a result, the company was able to offer their clients 10% additional clients, which represented a 46% lift.

That’s not all. Just read our super awesome case study 🙂

The overwhelming success of this approach actually ended up saving them money, which they are now able to reinvest into other marketing strategies, providing a further boost to revenues and helping them grow their business – something they were struggling to do prior to working with AWI.

Click below to read the New Homeowner Welcoming Service Increased New Movers 11% Case Study

New Homeowner Welcoming Service Increased New Movers 11%

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