Build Processes That Scale

AWI’s client, a direct marketing solutions provider, had been especially successful at offering new-to-the-world businesses to their customers.

The problem was that this success had plateaued and wasn’t able to grow past a certain point. The client knew they had a successful service. They just didn’t have a large enough database to optimize its returns.

Until they did, this service would continue falling short of its potential ROI.

3 Scalable Strategies Lead to 1 Powerful Database

AWI understands the power of a well-designed, multi-sourced database, which is exactly what this client needed to improve the returns on their service.

First, AWI identified and vetted a number of new sources of accurate new-to-the-world data to populate the client’s database.

However, AWI also negotiated standard pricing for their client across every one of these data sources. This ensured that improved revenues wouldn’t suffer from bloated overhead.

Second, AWI established ongoing protocols for:

  • Processing
  • Reporting
  • Updating

These protocols were vital for guaranteeing that the database would continue to be a reliable resource for the client’s service.

All of these strategies were also implemented with scalability in mind, so as the database continues to return greater revenues, the client can grow their operation with ease.

Quantities 7x Greater Than the Client’s Original File

The three strategies outlined above were successful at creating a database that provided the client with 7 times more new-to-the-world businesses than their original file.

This database also provided them with additional sources, including:

  • National Directory Assistance
  • Nationwide County Courthouse New Business Filings
  • Utility Records

All of this contributed to a much larger database, the scale of which gave AWI’s client greater flexibility and reach. As a result, sales increased, leading to 36% growth in revenue year-over-year.

Best of all, the client’s end-users were extremely happy with this new solution.

It proved very effective at introducing their services to brand new businesses that were in the market for them (this includes credit card processing, mail supplies, computer equipment, and more).

Since working with AWI, these end users’ needs have grown, but because of the scalability with which the database was designed, AWI’s client has successfully met them, month-after-month.

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