How AWI Helped a Non-Profit See a 2.5x Lift to Their Donation Rate

A leading non-profit provider was facing two pressing challenges.

First, they needed to increase their reach to potential donors.

At the same time, this non-profit also wanted to increase their mail programs’ response rates.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, they also needed to work within a limited geographic region, income level, and donor age.

On top of all that, they were also under a time-sensitive directive to accomplish this within aggressive campaign deadlines.

Better Engagement Through a Custom Model and Multichannel Solution

After speaking with the client, AWI delivered a custom model based on their unique needs. This was in addition to a multichannel solution designed to fully engage potential prospects as well as future donors. The strategy did this by utilizing both postal mail and an email solution suite.

AWI’s analytics team also worked closely with the non-profit to ensure the best possible objectives were set for the model and that the necessary data samples were used to design it.

It was absolutely vital that the model was able to identify the populations that had proven most likely to spend money on becoming a member and convert.

In order to do this, AWI leveraged proprietary modeling practices to find prospects who had the highest propensity to spend money on a donor membership.

A Powerful Model Leads to Complete Success

Thanks to the collaboration between AWI’s analytics team and the non-profit, the model was finished on time and under budget. It would prove effective at providing the client with new targeted-scored prospects, which ultimately led to a successful campaign.

AWI’s model was even able to produce a lift of 2.5x more likely to donate than their average prospect among the non-profit’s top deciles.

After realizing these results, the client returned to AWI again and again as an ongoing source for powerful modeled records. They even requested a multiyear engagement, to ensure that they can continue benefiting from these incredible results.

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