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Fundraising is Hard. Your Nonprofit Needs Fresh, Consistent Donors.


It’s true. Fundraising is hard. You get tired of asking one-off donors to become monthly donors. You need stability in your budget to get loans to expand your marketing to get donors. We get it. And, we have just the solution for you. Keep reading, friend.

How Is Your Nonprofit’s Budget Looking?

You know the saying, “haters gonna hate.” Well, we could borrow from it a bit and remind nonprofits that “donors gonna donate.” Either way, the “gonna” instead of “going to” is a bit unnerving to us grammar enthusiasts. Be that as it may, the thought that donors would retract because of the pandemic is not reflected in 2020’s reporting.

“So, indeed, the good news is that giving was up last year overall, and in all but one category of donor and recipient. For a number of fields—education; arts, culture and humanities; and public society benefit—the increases in giving, even after adjusting for inflation, were in the double digits.” Nonprofit Quarterly

Giving was up in 2020 even for the arts and humanities. If your nonprofit or foundation didn’t see a rise in giving, perhaps we can help. One thing that companies and nonprofits do when the economy is uncertain is pull back on their marketing budgets. That’s a mistake that your charity can’t afford.

If People Don’t Know About Your Charity, They Can’t Donate

We’d love to help your foundation or nonprofit expand its donor base with recurring donors. We’ve curated a data set of donors educated on social, wildlife, and even political causes and whose average donation is over $100. These donors are in the top 10% and believe in charity. If they don’t know about your nonprofit, however, how can they donate?

When social distancing makes in-person networking, cocktail hours, and auctions at the annual gala a no-go, don’t forget about online and virtual options. The virtual matters. Online marketing matters. Facebook Live, Zoom, Twitter hashtag auctions — these are all great ways to raise awareness and funds.

“That means building virtual tours that immerse your audience into your physical spaces. Virtual events and meet-and-greets take center stage, as does a comprehensive digital communication plan to reach and engage your audience behind a screen.” Big Sea

Publish articles on your website. Yes, the blog is more alive than ever. And, ask people to sign up for the emailing list! Email marketing is the best way to convert lurkers into purchasers. It’s the same with fundraising — especially for recurring donors.

Your New Donors Are Waiting To Hear From You

We know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of work to get email addresses. It is a lot of work. But it is important work that validates your foundation and nonprofit to the public. With that said, we’ve got your back. You don’t have to start from scratch.

Our Platinum Donor Data Set is full of prospects for your nonprofit or foundation. They believe in monthly giving and are recurring donors. This audience and can be reached at their postal address, by phone, and via email for that multi-touch solution! Combining email marketing with postal campaigns is a great way to use this data set.

Let us help you reach your donors today. We’d love to have a chat to see how we at Andrews Wharton can help your nonprofit’s budget grow.

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