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Improve Your Email Marketing With Engaged Deal Seekers

Consumer intent is the holy grail of marketing your product. In combination with your internal SEO efforts, email marketing to an engaged, active audience will bring results.

What is Consumer Intent?

Consumer intent is the holy grail of all marketers and this term is not used lightly. Deciphering intent is not an easy task. Why? Because many consumers aren’t self-aware enough to understand their own intent. But their behavior gives us clues.

Behavioral clues like email signups, searches, and past purchasing behavior tell us a story. Those behaviors inform how we can engage with a specific audience. For example, many Millennials enjoy finding deals to fit into their ideal of being price and consumer-conscious.

“A large majority of the modern deal seeker movement is comprised of Millennials and Gen Xers – who are not only looking for savings in their purchase decisions, but value and a personal relationship with the brands they shop.” RetailMeNot

How Can I find Active Deal Seekers?

Finding active deal seekers is why you partner with a data marketer like us. Our proprietary database of Active Deal Explorers allows you to market to revenue-generating consumers. Active deal seekers aren’t just looking on Black Friday, either. They are active all year-round.

“Consumers are on the lookout for deals year-round—about 60 percent say that finding a great deal is what they enjoy most about shopping.” Think With Google

These consumer explorers are searching for the best deals on the internet and are engaging with money-saving offers. Active Deal Explorers delivers you consumers who are looking to become customers. They are from a wide variety of product and service categories — from home security to senior care.

How Does the Active Deal Explorers Database Work?

Put our lead generation expertise to work for you. We generate interest for a variety of products and services; the outcome is millions of consumer engagements every month. This includes our live call center and online interactions.

We grow the consumer profile, qualify consumers for various offers, and put the results in our Explorers database. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, our most current consumer information is updated weekly, as a list selection or licensed database install. All of the Explorer records are collected in data compliance. All consumers receive options to opt-out of third-party marketing use of their information.

Would You Like Access to our Deal Seekers?

Our Active Deal Explorers database is updated weekly with over 19 million people as of July 2020. Our average weekly update is over 200,000. Along with this solution, our interactive profile reports highlight audience characteristics. This decodes consumer intent for your ideal marketing persona. Engage the right audience at the right time.

Our sales team is happy to guide your list selection from the Explorers database. Contact AWI today and let us help you turn Explorers into customers.

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