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Direct Marketing is Essential to Lead Generation. How Do You Feel About Your Leads?

What are the Benefits of Lead Generation?

The advantages of lead generation speak for themselves. The current digitalization of processes adds to that. Automation of the process means we are saving more time. The personalization of the process equates to an increased success rate. Using lead generation software means it’s never been easier to win new customers.

Direct Marketing 1.0

Direct Marketing comprises all activities that serve direct and personalized interaction with current and potential customers. An important feature here is that the target contact is addressed in as individualized a manner as possible. Direct mailing is the best-known form of Direct Marketing, involving addressing a specific target group with an individualized mailing.

Lead Generation in a Digital World

We are online more than ever. We’re literally holding our shopping carts and bringing them with us wherever we go. Clearly, buying behavior was radically changing even before COVID-19. The last year has made our business’ online component even stronger. Access to information on the internet means the buying decision is probably researched and made before a customer talks to you.

What does this mean for lead gen? If buyers are using digital channels, then marketing and sales need to go fully digital, too. As bad as COVID-19 is, this pandemic is vastly accelerating the digitization of marketing and sales. Let’s take advantage of that.

What is the Importance of Direct Marketing?

We’ve all received flyers or phone calls to tell us about a product that will solve our latest problem. Direct marketing is important — it opens up another channel of communication between our business and potential customers. You need to begin the conversation, right? But this time, direct marketing is personal in a time where the world has become distant, generic.

Developing Direct Marketing to Improve Your Lead Generation

From a financial standpoint, necessary to reach our target groups with as little effort as possible. By addressing audiences directly, a wide variety of channels can be used. Telephone, coupons, or postal mail, are just three. In addition to offline measures, online marketing offers excellent opportunities. Social networks, search engines, websites, and email marketing serve as delivery channels. By clicking online coupons, the user can be directed to our campaign’s landing page. They can enter their data in the fields provided and agree for these to be used.

Generating Leads with Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to generate leads. It has been proven to achieve much better conversion rates in lead generation than traditional marketing.

What’s the best way here to approach lead generation? Some measures can be implemented both online and offline. The same content can often be used; but in some cases, it must be adapted to the medium and possibly a slightly different target audience.

You can share content on your website, blog, or on social media; but you can also get your content directly into the hands of your potential customers. Some examples of offline content marketing being mailings, brochures, customer magazines, and even books. That’s a lot of content.

Generating Leads with Newsletters

Nowadays, almost all companies have websites. With this in mind, it is effective to use a classic direct marketing tool — the newsletter. There is more chance of generating a lead here than hope a customer will contact you via your website.

Email automation can provide you with valuable customer acquisition services. Integrate your CRM and email systems and save yourself considerable manual work and data loss, too.

These automated emails can be sent in a single-step or multi-step manner. An example of this is a follow-up message to new contacts after trade shows or networking events.

These emails are often very similar. Automation is a time-saving way to remind new contacts and send relevant information.

Outsourcing Lead Generation — Advantages of an External Partner

You’re busy. Let someone manage this for you. You gain flexibility and cost-efficiency in customer acquisition by outsourcing to a specialized service provider. It’s easier to react during a campaign when you have a co-pilot at the wheel. In the worst case, even to put on the brakes and save additional expenses.

In times of increasing flexibility and new sales channels, an external lead generation provider’s sales structures are of great importance. They can be the best support one can imagine as a salesperson.

Learn how we can customize a lead generation solution for you.

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