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Don’t Be Afraid to Say I Do to Your Customer’s Web Intent Data Today

Ask for May, settle for June goes the motto. Well, it’s September already so you may need to wait until next year after all. And there’s the rub — you’re going to have to get in line. There will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings in 2022. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s almost double the weddings in a normal year. Or thinking about it another way, this will be the most wedding cakes baked in the U.S. since 1984.

So, what do weddings have to do with AWI? Think of yourself as a wedding planner — perhaps you even are! When do you first hear from a customer? When they’ve decided to marry, right? The happy couple has already made the decision. Then they come to you, or a competitor. What if you had a crystal ball?

Booking the Wedding Hall Before they Pop the Question

Any wedding planner worth their salt knows a little bit about the market. You know how many weddings to expect, and when. You know how many singles are in town, and how many will probably be getting married. You know the trending cake designs, top DJ playlists, and what color dresses are trending in Milan.

Wouldn’t it be great for your business if you could get ahead of all that? Knowing if the bride, or the groom, will say yes before they even ask you to order the wedding cake? That’s how intent data can help.

With AWI’s Web Intent Data, you can recognize the search and buyer intent of a potential customer in no time at all and offer your solution at the right time.

Web Intent Data is Much More than the Icing on the Cake

Intent data shows us what potential customers are interested in and what they are looking for. In other words, information about the online behavior of people and, in B2B, of companies. With the help of intent data, you can see at a glance what a company is currently doing.

Let’s say a couple is looking for “trending wedding cake designs” online. It’s reasonable to presume the couple is in the market for a wedding cake. Why? They’re getting married.

Intent data provides information about what is being searched for and how high the purchase intention for a product or service is. Buyer intent is the measure of a prospect’s inclination to buy a product or service. So if someone is already specifically looking for a wedding cake, you can assume that the purchase intention is already very high.

“Eighty-seven percent of shoppers research products online before they make a purchase, according to research from Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient. They’re performing online searches, reading relevant content, and comparing different options that can address their pain points.” Zoom Info

Is all Web Intent Data Created Equal?

Insight into what people intend to buy before they actually make their purchase significantly strengthens your customer acquisition strategy. With the right data set, search and purchase intentions have enormous potential to positively influence business decisions and customer relationships as well as optimize your buyer journey.

If you have intent data, you know what your customer wants and where any problems lie. This type of data helps you to refine your buyer personas and generally gain a better understanding of your customers.

Intent data provides you with valuable information that you can use specifically when approaching a prospect. Your customer is looking for “bridal bouquets” or “wedding cake portion calculator” and has downloaded a checklist on your blog. Then you can proactively approach them. In this way, you pick up the customer exactly at their problem, thus strengthening trust and achieving more deals.

Web Intent Data Advantages

  • Speak with customers before they contact you.
  • Create messaging based on the content being consumed on your website.
  • Quickly build relationships.

Important: Make sure that third-party web data tools are compliant with the data protection laws. For example, through, double opt-in.

Especially with third-party data, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to the quality, timeliness, and traceability of the data origin. Specifically: Where exactly does this intent data provider get its data from? How up-to-date is it? Do they also provide you with contextual information about the searcher, such as industry or position?

How Can AWI help with Web Intent Data?

Discerning intent in marketing is nothing new. Powered with the right web intent data, you’ll be able to say “I do” to better marketing campaigns be it wedding data, health & fitness, pet supplies, car culture, or beauty products. Literally, we have over one thousand web intent data sets. So why not schedule a call today to discuss your data needs?

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