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CAMP — This Is the Customer Acquisition Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Do you love your customer base? Would you like to maximize the customer’s lifetime value (LTV)? Get more of the great customers you have. Our modeling platform allows you to analyze your current customer base. Our Customer Acquisition Modeling Platform (CAMP) is a data-driven, predictive cloud solution; frankly, it’s the customer acquisition tool you didn’t know you needed.

Customers Change — Customer Acquisition Also Changes

You knew your best customers in 2019. How are they behaving now? What do they purchase now? How do they make purchases? Where are they doing business? We know that the post-COVID customer has changed. You’re reading this, how have you changed?

While enhancing customer acquisition, customer retention climbs. You don’t have to lose a customer to gain one — or vice versa. By partnering with AWI, we can deploy and customize direct mail and email marketing CAMPaigns that convert. How’s your email list working for you?

CAMP Increases Revenue

What if we said that CAMP, our customer acquisition modeling platform, allows you to increase customer revenue without dramatically increasing customer acquisition costs? It may sound too good to be true but this isn’t your granddad’s modeling platform. We’ve taken the data science approach and paired it with artificial intelligence. AI for the WIN!

But the data isn’t generic data (women over 40 who are married and live in a home that is worth more than $500,000). This is what makes our modeling different. CAMP is driven by your data with goal-centric fine-tuning available. CAMP is modeling — not a data set. Are you looking for customers likely to purchase? We got you. Do you want to target your new and emerging customers? CAMP can do that, too.

It doesn’t stop there, Our Customer Acquisition Modeling Platform (CAMP) allows us to create a look-alike data set. Betty is your customer who found your brand by purchasing in the store. But Sally, her BFF heard about you, visited your website, and now follows you on IG. Now Sally is about to buy the same pair of shoes Betty got. Wouldn’t it be nice if Sally got a direct mail piece with a new customer discount?

How Does CAMP Work?

First, you send us a sample of your customers. With our proprietary software, we will quickly create a customer profile. As this insightful profile is built, a look-a-like acquisition model is built simultaneously. Efficient, right?

The look-a-like model gives you the tools to gain high-level insight for predictive enhancements. Who doesn’t love an enhancement — especially when it comes to customer acquisition?

By working with our experts, we will precisely target your marketing CAMPaigns, to the right audience and for the right outcome. We know your brand cares about goals and outcomes. We do, too.

Deploying the new model for prospects is the last step of CAMP. Well, the last step is really their purchases. (We can’t wait to write your case study.)

Do I Need to Worry About Data Privacy?

Your brand or agency does not need to worry about the integrity of your data with CAMP. As with all of our procedures, our team will keep your data safe in a compliant way.

Client trust is the lifeblood of our business. We have built our reputation on earning and keeping your trust. We do this by prioritizing your interests, even before our own. Be Certain that client trust continually pushes us to be a better partner.

Are You Ready To Ramp Up Customer Acquisition?

Looking for a way to profile and model your current customers? AWI’s Customer Profile and Customer Acquisition Modeling Platform (CAMP) is a data-driven, predictive cloud solution, powered by AI.

Contact us to discuss CAMP with you and get started!

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