Only Patrick Swayze Could Have Done Better

A national retailer was struggling in the highly-competitive infant products category. Their inability to increase sales was a direct result of their limited reach. They needed to target expecting mothers in their 2nd trimester. More importantly, they needed these soon-to-be moms or their family members to sign up for their registry program.

As with most clients, success was contingent on adhering to strict requirements for prenatal prospects.

A Customized, Multi-Channel Strategy

Fortunately, AWI identified several unique lead sources previously unknown to the client. Drop the mic.

*picks back up the mic*
AWI also took the time to assess the retailer’s current marketing efforts. Taking this extra step resulted in a powerful insight and since you are super awesome, we will tell you what it was. If this retailer was ever going to reach their target audience and generate new customers they must expand their geographic scope.

Without this information, the client may have gone years without seeing the ROI (the business equivalent to a stinky diaper.)

Next, AWI developed a multi-channel test strategy based on the client’s unique needs and even helped them implement it.

The solution included a weekly plan for monitoring the results of this strategy. Doing so allowed the client to identify which channels were most effective, so they could scale those up immediately – increasing revenues – and forego those that weren’t – saving money.

A Consistent Increase in Sign-Ups

This multi-channel solution turned out to be extremely successful. The client’s sign-ups continuously increased, which lead to a lift to their response rate of 10%.

In addition, the retailer later reported that strategy AWI created led to improved traffic and a significant increase to their overall revenue.

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