How We Got Here and What We Do

And who is this Andrews Wharton guy?

Andrews Wharton Inc isn’t your typical anything. AWI began with one man at his kitchen table. He wasn’t the typical straight out of college entrepreneur. He had a mortgage, a wife, and two daughters in private universities. He didn’t have the benefit that the startup world has today. What he did have was many successful years as a direct marketing executive, an understanding of data-driven decision making and how it was shifting the marketing landscape, and the benefit of experience on the client-side, vendor-side, and as a consultant for both. There was no demo day with investors. He bet on himself.

Now he just needed to name his new business. He asked his youngest daughter who, unsurprisingly, said to name it after her and her sister. He laughed. Why not name it after our schools? Easier said than done with Carnegie Mellon University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. They tried a few different iterations, but nothing felt right. She suggested Andrews Wharton as Andrew had served both Mr. Carnegie and Mr. Mellon quite well. He liked the sound of it. And Andrews Wharton Inc was born.

X Factor

In today’s dynamic marketing environment sellers are anxious to be heard, focused on having their perspective, their interpretation of a client’s needs resonate the loudest. To determine what truly keeps a client up at night, to gain an authentic understanding of the needs, the outcomes, the players, and the dynamics, one must listen.

At AWI we listen first, then deliver your unique solution to execute on your marketing objectives.

How can you Be Certain?

  • AWI does its homework on behalf of each client. We scour the marketplace to identify the highest quality and best value-based data and marketing solutions. We then harness and customize for each client’s individual outcomes and budget.
  • Client trust is the lifeblood of our business. AWI has built our reputation on earning our client’s trust by always putting our clients’ interests first, even before our own. You can Be Certain that client trust continually pushes us to be a better partner.
  • AWI approaches each engagement as a consultative business partner, inextricably tied to each client’s success. In fact, we’re willing to bet on our client’s success.

Individually, what AWI delivers – from list services and lead generation to data analytics and custom solutions – are real answers, real market experience, and real data-driven intelligence to develop and execute your direct response marketing initiatives.

Collectively, what AWI delivers – an agile, transparent, horizontal organization – is the ability to remove the uncertainty that you find with others in the data solutions marketplace. We work to deliver massive value in terms that you define, that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, and that allows clients like you to sleep better at night.

Become an AWI client and Be Certain.

Explore Case Studies.

New Homeowner Welcoming Service Increased New Movers 11%

A national new homeowner welcoming service that used email campaigns to market local businesses to families that had recently moved into the area.

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Data Enhancement Increases Contact Rate Over 8%

A large direct marketing agency approached AWI because their client, a national kitchen appliance manufacturer, needed to drive store traffic to multiple small-regional independent appliance retailers.

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Data Enhancement Direct Marketing Solutions Provider

A direct-marketing solutions provider with a small but successful program that offered new-to-the-world businesses to their customers.

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Custom Solution National Data Solutions Provider

A national data solutions provider needed to partner with a firm that had an extensive national consumer email database.

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Looking for something specific? AWI Develops 100% Custom Solutions