Customers Have Control

New customer acquisition is key to growth. Armed with the knowledge of not only your products and services, but also the products and services of your competitors, today’s digitally-savvy customer has shifted the sales decision timeline, where lead generation is customer-initiated and self-served. AWI’s current, qualified, in-market lead generation sources maximize your investment.


AWI delivers high quality lead generation by connecting qualified prospects to your call center at the exact moment when their interest is at its peak and they are ready to take action. AWI provides you with precision targeting.

AWI has the experience and precision to develop a fully articulated, end-to-end lead generation program in as little as two weeks. We deliver improved lifetime value, increased conversion, and customer win-back.  We carefully screen our trusted sources to ensure all leads meet your criteria and qualify for your offer.

Whether your strategy calls for online or tele-verified leads, audience participation, call center, IVR, space advertising, radio, television, click-to-call, package or newspaper inserts – or a coordinated blend across multiple lead disciplines  – AWI has the experience and approach to develop a lead generation program to fit your unique needs.  And since we do our homework up-front and in partnership with you, we often uncover new opportunities –  such as product line extensions – at no additional cost.

Independent Lead Certification

AWI’s Contact Integrity, a next-generation verification solution that identifies reliable postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, allow you to fully trust that the leads you are acquiring are legitimate and compliant. AWI’s Contact Integrity ensures that your telephone marketing activities are communicating with the right individuals in a fully TCPA-compliant environment.

AWI also works for you in real-time.  We offer a real-time service for the capture, validation, tracking and delivery of Internet leads.  Our service verifies the origin of these leads, including the URL source and “video replay” of the customer form, to provide independent, written proof of consent, as required by TCPA regulations.  You can even supply suppression lists to exclude opted-out contact records.


AWI’s CallLink Network offers a complete, performance-based, TCPA-compliant solution for those direct marketing clients utilizing a call center.  We deliver highly qualified leads meeting your exact criteria directly to your sales agents at the prospect’s peak moment of interest.  Leveraging any one or a combination of eleven separate “inbound” access points, individuals are engaged at the exact moment a prospect self-initiates to learn more about your offer. They can be instantly transferred live to your call center or qualified and posted as a real-time lead.

At Andrews Wharton, Inc., quality lead generation is just one part of a comprehensive approach we bring to our relationship with you. Contact us today to find out how we can partner to improve your acquisition strategy and become an extension of your team!

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