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Access to the Tools You Need for an Effective Email Strategy

Email remains one of the most cost effective means for contacting your customers today. It can also play an important role in your acquisition strategy by adding a source of potential new customers to grow your database. AWI offers all of the tools you need to create an effective email marketing campaign from email list rental, append and hygiene through deployment and results evaluation.


Your existing customers are not only your most important asset, but also the most responsive one as well. Let AWI help you grow and expand your ability to contact your customers…fast! On your behalf, we will access our multi-sourced append masterfile so that we can append email addresses to your existing customers and inquiries where today you have only the name and postal address. If you already have the email address, we can match to our data sources to deliver back a postal address, through email reverse append, to complete your file.

How many email addresses do you lose each month due to lack of deliverability? Over 30% of email addresses change each year…. an even higher rate than move to a new home or apartment. Let us help you maintain this valuable asset with tools like email hygiene which corrects common typos and errors in email address format as well as ECOA (email change of address) which finds alternate email addresses you can target after an opt-out permission pass. Take advantage of our free match rate report where we provide a no obligation count of the emails that can be delivered and otherwise enhanced prior to an opt-out permission pass. These services are a necessary part of any email program and are sure to increase deliverability.

Interested in finding new customers? We will identify lists of email promotable prospects most likely to respond to your offer. Whether we are appending to your own file or supplying you with a new list of targets, we know that each new contact we provide is a potential revenue stream for you!  Our email solutions are based on our national email database, Connect 2 America @ Email.  Learn more.

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Email Deployment You Can Count On

Once you have your list of great names to target, it is time to deploy!  When it comes to accurately and reliably delivering your email communications, you can count on us to do it in a manner that will win the trust and loyalty of your customers, while maintaining your important email reputation.  Our comprehensive, compliant and dependable email deployment services cover all the bases:

  • Following CAN SPAM compliance to the letter
  • Suppressing unwanted emails before delivery, including incorporating your own in-house suppression files, complimented by our always-updated suppression database to eliminate known SPAM traps, honeypots, known complainers, known minors and other non-compliant email addresses
  • A/B Split testing support, so that you can identify the right mix of message, offer, creative and list to optimize results
  • Supporting the delivery of multi-part emails (HTML/Text)
  • Image hosting
  • Personalization support, so that you can get the right messages in front of potential customers
  • Gold-standard reporting, including tracking all opens, clicks and opt-outs

Testing can begin within hours of receiving your HTML-ready creative and live deployment can happen within hours of receiving your creative approval.

At Andrews Wharton Inc., optimizing your email contact strategy is just one piece of the marketing puzzle that we can bring to a relationship.  Contact us today to find out how we can partner to improve your strategies and become an extension of your team!

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