Garbage In, Garbage Out

Data driven decision-making delivers results. But where is your data? AWI’s suite of data enhancement services transforms inaccurate, inaccessible, and inactionable data into your best asset.


Data Enrichment

AWI offers a wide variety of data enrichment and enhancement services that extend the performance of your data. We append and enhance your data with specific demographic, trigger, behavioral and purchase data, helping you know your current customers and their needs better, while using this data to help segment prospects for optimal targeting. AWI increases your database coverage, effectiveness of your communication and – ultimately – the lifetime value of your customers, whether by adding telephone numbers, NCOA-processed postal addresses, and/or email addresses. We can also identify and flag different, highly valuable core constituencies from within your database, such as Mom’s–to-Be, new college graduates, those households that just moved or are planning a move, and anything in between.

Contact Integrity

AWI’s Contact Integrity takes advantage of a sophisticated verification service that ranks and reports the confidence you can place in each individual contact attribute. With it, Contact Integrity can help you save money and improve the performance of your contact information, informing you of the quality of each piece of contact data in your customer and prospect database. Contact Integrity furnishes a 360-degree view on every lead, delivering to you a level of precision never before available.

AWI’s solution works by returning a score that represents the quality of the association between a name and an identifier (i.e. address, phone1, phone2 and email address). The higher the score, the more likely the input data is associated to the identity. By providing a score for every contact point, we help you avoid the wasteful cost of miscommunicating with the wrong individual, be fully compliant with all TCPA regulations for your telephone marketing activities, and insure that you’re adding only quality email addresses to your customer or prospect database.

Authentication & Hygiene

AWI services your lead generation efforts by matching, authenticating, and/or appending data to your prospect and leads lists, including email pre-screen validation, validation and attribution, and appending up to three additional opted-in email address per record. For telephone numbers, validation and attribution is available, as well as the ability to append a corrected telephone number.

AWI’s hygiene services standardize and make your customer contact touch points current, so that you can reach your targets with that right message, accurately.

Once the best targets for your campaign are identified, AWI delivers success of your direct mail execution by applying NCOA (National Change of Address), data quality, vacant dwelling suppression and merge/purge services. All of which are dedicated to improving deliverability, reducing costs and ensuring you are communicating with the right individual in the right household, without waste.

At Andrews Wharton, Inc., enhancing what you know about your target audience with the right data is just one aspect of the tailored services we bring to our relationship with you. Contact us today to find out how we can partner to improve your data and become an extension of your marketing efforts!

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