Access to the Right Audience

A healthy business requires a strong and consistently-applied strategy for new customer acquisition and customer retention, along with an on-going, productive mechanism to replace those patrons that take their business elsewhere. Our clients view us as their data concierge, turning to us when they’ve exhausted all internal resources for what AWI provides: a tailored approach to identify and target just the right audience.


Your target customer is savvier than ever before, accessible across many different channels and methods. Delivering the right message to the wrong audience or in the wrong way is an exercise in futility. AWI’s robust data library enables you to reach your target audience the right way the first time, over any channel, including online, through email and via social.

  • Consumer Data (US and Canadian)
  • Business Data (US, Canada, New-to-the-World Businesses)
  • Lifestyle Data
  • Origin & Background Data
  • Lifestage Event & Specialty Audience Data
  • Pre Mover & New Mover Data
  • Credit Worthiness Data
  • Licensed Professional Data

Identifying the right audience is a key part of effective new customer acquisition. It is why AWI’s custom-fit services bring meaningful results to your marketing efforts. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your acquisition strategy and become an extension of your team!

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