Unlock Customer Insight One Element at a Time

AWI’s proven analytical approach identifies the high-value individuals to target and how to optimize in a multi-channel world, from your very first interaction. Using powerful targeting and segmentation tools, we can help you identify and convert your best prospect audiences into profitable customers.


AWI knows your market.  Through a combination of statistical models, experience and common sense, AWI identifies your best prospects to convert into profitable customers. Our modeling capabilities segment your audiences by potential, so you can send “the right offer to the right group” at the optimal frequency for conversion, reward, up-sell and cross-sell.

  • Pre-screen risk scoring
  • Custom predictive up-sell and cross-sell response & conversion models, look-alike models, multivariate regression and more.
  • Off-the shelf proven and successful predictive segmentation schemas (especially for financial services offers)
  • Aggregated credit ZIP+4 scoring with 300+ summarized credit attributes.
  • Integrated Attitudinal Modeling (I AMTM) – an AWI Exclusive

At Andrews Wharton, Inc., our analytical services are just one more component of the tailored services we bring to our relationship with you. Contact us today to find out how we can partner to improve your customer cultivation strategy and become an extension of your team!

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