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Masterfile Universe 4,531,119

1 Month Hotline 389,763

These folks are ready for a fresh start and want a new outlook on life. In recent times, they have had financial struggles and stress. The reasons these individuals are seeking Debt Relief and Credit Counseling, can range from a job loss to major medical expenses and divorce. To help them move-ahead to a fresh start, this universe of consumers has responded to a Debt relief and credit counseling offer. These folks are in the process of rebuilding their financial records and re-establishing their credit. These are wonderful prospects for sub-prime financial products, secured card offers and much more! Please send them your offer today!


Base: $95/M
Hotline: $10/MSelects:
Age $10/M
Geo $5/M
Gender $5/M
Risk Scoring $15/M
Phone Number $35/M

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Terms & Conditions: 

Each rental guarantees one-time use.
Sample mailing piece and/or telemarketing script required.
Orders Cancelled after original mail date require payment in full. Orders cancelled prior to original mail date are subject to $150 cancellation fee per order, $10/M running charge, format charges and shipping costs.
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