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Counts & Rates: 
Total Count: 1,107,873
30 Day HL: 112,468
These credit seeking consumers have accepted a secured credit card in an effort to rebuild questionable credit. They also could have limited or no credit at all and want to start to build their credit history. Individuals on this file are a perfect fit for other secured card offers, catalog credit offers, highly promotional offers, sub prime financial offers, direct to consumer insurance offers and many more.


Base Price: $95.00/M

Monthly HL: +$10/M
Gender: $8/M
Age: $8/M
Income: $10/M
Geo Select: $5/M
Run Charge: $10/M

Format Price: 
E-Mail: $50/F
CD-Rom: $50/F

Terms & Conditions: 

Each rental guarantees one-time use.
Sample mailing piece and/or telemarketing script required.
Orders Cancelled after original mail date require payment in full. Orders cancelled prior to original mail date are subject to $150 cancellation fee per order, $10/M running charge, format charges and shipping costs.
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