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The robust list of data cards below represent a subset of the sources AWI can access to find the right audience for your offer.

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Total Universe: 94,318,114
Connect2America @ E-MAIL is a 100% opt-in self reported database sourced through partnerships with multiple online market research and survey companies to provide responsive consumer email lists for acquisition use. Each individual on this file provided demographic data on themselves and has Opted-In to receive third-party Email. You can target your desired market by selecting lifestyle and behavioral attributes.
Postal addresses are also available. Please inquire for counts and costs.


Base $85/M

Active Investors $10.00/M
Affluence/Net Worth $10.00/M
Age/Household Income $10.00/M
Alternative Lifestyle $10.00/M
Book Readers $10.00/M
Boomers $10.00/M
Broadband Internet Subs $10.00/M
Business Opportunity $10.00/M
College Students/Graduates $10.00/M
DINK Double Income No Kids $10.00/M
Demographic/Lifestyle $10.00/M
Early Adopters $10.00/M
Empty Nesters $10.00/M
Expecting & New Moms $10.00/M
Fashion Forward Apparel $10.00/M
Gamblers $10.00/M
Geography/Gender $10.00/M
Health + $10.00/M
High School Students 18+ $10.00/M
Higher Education $10.00/M
Hispanic Households $10.00/M
Home Electronics/HDTV/IPOD/Cable TV $10.00/M
Homeowners $10.00/M
Intent to Buy $10.00/M
Luxury Lifestyle $10.00/M
Magazine Subscribers $10.00/M
Monthly Hotline $10.00/M
NASCAR Enthusiast $10.00/M
Organic/Earth-Friendly Consumers $10.00/M
Pets – Dogs/Cats/Birds/Horses $10.00/M
Sports – Golf/Scuba/Football $10.00/M
Subprime Credit $10.00/M
Sweepstakes Players $10.00/M

* Email deployment Includes tracking, testing and reporting at no cost
* Opt-out suppression $300.00-flat
* Personalization or A/B Splits $300.00-flat

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Terms & Conditions: Each rental guarantees one-time use.
Sample of email creative(html) and pre-payment is required.
Orders Cancelled after original mail date require payment in full. Orders cancelled prior to original mail date are subject to $150 cancellation fee per order, $10/M running charge, format charges and shipping costs.
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