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The robust list of data cards below represent a subset of the sources AWI can access to find the right audience for your offer.

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Email Universe 1,169,447 $140/M
Base Includes Deployment, Transmission, Tracking, & Reporting
Infomercial Buyers Email from AWI is a responsive file featuring consumers who have responded to Infomercials or Online offers, purchased items, and then keep coming back for more! These responsive buyers all have credit cards and like to use them for products that fit with their current lifestyle and the lifestyle they seek! Base price includes email deployment, transmission, tracking, and reporting!
AWI’s Infomercial Buyers Email reaches your perfect audience – active and consistent purchasers. Typical products purchased include but are not limited to: weight loss, cleaning, cookware, and home goods. The unit of sale starts at $30.00 with all purchases transacted by credit card. These consumers spend money and are interested in receiving offers for publications, books, catalogs, apparel, music and movies, entertainment, travel, automobiles, credit cards, insurance, home services and much more. Email them your offer today!


Gender/Sex $5/M
Geo/Geographical $5/M
Income $10/M
Opt-out Suppression $350/F
A/B Split $350/F
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Pre-payment required for first time clients.
Each rental will guarantee one-time use.
Sample emailing piece is required.
Process time is 3-4 business days from order receipt.
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Rob Brickley
631-470-4546 x204

Jose Zaldivar
631-470-4546 x206

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