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We’ve been successfully helping our clients turn targeted audiences into highly valued customers for over fifteen years. Our full-service, tailored approach to working with our clients is firmly and finely focused on delivering new customers at lower acquisition costs, increasing the lifetime value of current customers, greatly improving the return on their marketing investment, and helping them smartly grow their business. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers.

Case Study: Analytics & Segmentation

Client Challenge:
A leading hotel and hospitality chain needed to increase the number of preferred guests that responded to offers and, more importantly, booked vacations at various time-share resort location sites. For this chain, an increase in cost-effective, booked vacations at time-share locations was a direct precursor to profit increases and improved lifetime value of select guests.

The AWI Solution:
AWI leveraged transactional history, quantitative research and observed behaviors to develop an integrated, attitudinally-based modeling solution called I AM™ (Integrated Attitudinal Modeling). The I AM™ model, working seamlessly with our client’s behavioral models, was specifically designed to rank preferred hotel guests based on their likelihood to book tours at the chain’s resorts and properties. The model was built to most accurately predict those guests most likely to respond and book a vacation at a particular destination. To validate success, the targeting engine was applied to a random universe of preferred guests who received different media promoting this offer.

The I AM™ model successfully increased the number of preferred guests booking vacations over a “business as usual” control strategy. The model successfully recommended names that produced an incredible 35% lift in direct mail response and achieved a 100% lift in email response.

Key Learning:
The integration of behavioral and attitudinal targeting engines demonstrably and consistently outperforms the controlled response, irrespective of marketing channel.

Andrews Wharton adds power to the prediction of marketing outcomes with the integration of our exclusive I AM™ attitudinal modeling platform. Our attitudinal modeling process works together with behavioral models to provide superior performance. Contact us to discover more today.


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