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We’ve been successfully helping our clients identify new audiences to reach and converting those into customers for years. Our tailored approach considers everything that goes into making your greatest asset even more valuable: who to target for which offer at what time; how to creatively reach and be heard by prospective audiences when channel noise is abundant; how to turn hand-raisers into qualified prospects and, ultimately, valued customers with notable lifetime value. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers.

Case Study: Lead Generation

Client Challenge:
In a creative twist on Lead Generation, a leading pharmaceutical company needed to identify qualified individuals to participate in a clinical research trial for a drug targeted to post-menopausal women (age 50+). The company had employed the traditional methods of trial recruitment, only to find those to be expensive, slow and ineffective at finding quality candidates in time to stay on schedule for submission to the US Federal Drug Administration. The company was not reaching their projected rate or cost for approved participants in the test and was in need of a quick and effective solution.

The AWI Solution:
The pharmaceutical company looked to AWI to rapidly launch a full-scale effort to generate the number of leads needed to build a pool of qualified study participants, all within a specified budget. To meet the demanding timeframe and budget restrictions, AWI turned to its CallLink Network – its unique, multi-disciplined, real-time lead generation network of providers. Within half the time of traditional providers, the network mounted a coordinated campaign across multiple direct response mediums to quickly identify qualified recruits within specific geographies where trials would be conducted. Often times, creative elements were developed by AWI, then passed along to regulators that reviewed the creative against established FDA guidelines for clinical trials. Direct targeting methods used in the effort included click-to-call, online banners, targeted emails, permission marketing, website search engine optimization, and targeted classified advertising. Qualified “hand raisers” were either directly transferred or posted in real-time as a lead to an AWI-partner call center for applicant screening and final selection for trial candidacy. To ensure that efforts continued to meet or exceed the client pre-approved completion goals and stayed within budget, daily reviews of lead conversions were held and adjustments made dynamically to the campaign to meet the established timeframes and budget.

AWI’s coordinated efforts were enormously successful. Using its abilities and tools, along with its integrated partner network, AWI delivered a vastly larger number of qualified candidates for screening in less time, finishing days ahead of the final deadline and at 70% of the cost over traditional channels used in the past. Through AWI’s lead generation efforts, over 5,000 prospective leads were created each day during the recruitment period, netting between 3,000 to 4,000 qualified leads per week, each lead passing initial filters that allowed candidates to be moved along for telephone screening and final qualification.

Key Learning:
AWI was able to apply its deep understanding and experience of generating leads across multiple disparate mediums through its reliable partner network, and applied that to a non-traditional use case. Using the tried and proven method of direct targeting offers of goods and services to consumers, AWI was able to successfully coordinate an effort that reached qualified candidates within specific geographies quicker and at a fraction of the cost of traditionally-employed methods.

file_pptA well thought through methodology is behind every Andrews Wharton recommendation. Our lead generation process flow is just one example of how we achieve success for our clients. We will tailor our method to meet your objectives, budget and timeline.


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