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Our customers will tell you. We’ve been working with them to turn targeted audiences into new customers for years. Our tailored approach has helped them achieve this at lower total acquisition costs, higher lifetime values and greater overall results. The bottom line means a greatly improved return on marketing investment. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers.

Case Study: Extension of Client Capabilities

Client Challenge:
AWI’s client provided multiple database solutions to its end-user clients, one of those solutions being a multi-sourced business-to-business database that was in high demand by one of its customers. Because of staffing and time constraints, AWI’s client was unable to expand the number of acceptable data sources fast enough or with adequate scale to satisfy their principal customer.

The AWI Solution:
Working with the client, AWI identified various new sources of data, each of which AWI carefully investigated and vetted. AWI negotiated all of the usage terms for the benefit of its client, as well as standardized and coordinated weekly, multi-source delivery of data.

The results exceeded all of our client’s expectations. AWI was able to quickly improve the quality and expand the scale and depth of data required by the client’s customer, saving the client time and costs tied to this effort. AWI’s managed solution grew from supporting one program for one end-user to maintaining six full-scale programs for three end-users, all within the course of 12 months. The growth of the business generated meaningful revenue for AWI’s client at a significantly lower cost structure, delivering results directly to the bottom line without the need to expand staff or sacrifice anything in overall customer satisfaction.

Key Learning:
AWI works within a very large network of direct marketing supply chain partners, allowing us to find unique solutions for our clients’ needs and concerns. By working as an extension of our client’s marketing function, we were able to identify and deliver a valuable compliment to their own efforts without adding additional headcount burdens and costs, while keeping their end-customer satisfied and happy.


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