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Case Study: Data Enrichment Services

Client Challenge:
A leading sports and activity apparel manufacturer was looking to drive participation in a promotion and positively influence store traffic by targeting student athletes.

The AWI Solution:
AWI identified a source that captured student involvement in school athletics. Further, this source allowed this information to be used for file enhancement. Added to this, AWI was able to extend a special arrangement that permitted the client to email non-matches as a new customer acquisition list, which expanded the target universe. Based on this, a series of three email communications was sent to both groups of names, alerting them of the promotion, while providing information on convenient retail locations.

The client deemed this program a winner! The campaign successfully drove incremental traffic to local retail locations, while generating a 13% increase in offer redemption over those records that did not have the student athlete flag appended. Further, the non-matched records that were tied to student athletes outperformed those records that were non-athletes. The client was so pleased with the results, they returned four months later to launch the same program to new-to-file records.

Key Learning:
A simple, yet targeted data enrichment process can provide meaningfully improved results by giving insight about individual buyers and what drives their behaviors, needs and wants.


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