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For more than 15 years, we’ve been working with our clients to successfully turn targeted audiences into new customers that reach significantly higher levels of lifetime value. By helping them achieve this with lower total acquisition costs, the bottom line means greatly improved return on marketing investment. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers.

Case Study: Consumer Acquisition Strategy

Client Challenge:
A leading national insurance provider wanted to see dramatic improvements in the number of new customers they acquired on-line versus their current acquisition method.

The AWI Solution:
AWI developed an innovative, new customer acquisition program that identified high-potential prospects and targeted them with a multi-contact email strategy. Prospects were qualified and selected from AWI’s vast and rich consumer email database, with a focus on relevant and specific life-event triggers that highly correlated with this particular insurance offering. AWI custom-designed the campaign calendar to take place over multiple waves, including creative testing.

The campaign produced impressive results. 18% of targeted prospects opened their emails, with more than 12% clicking through. Within two weeks of the pilot, the client expanded the campaign nationwide without experiencing any fall-off from test results. The insurer continued to expand this program to include international markets. AWI’s highly productive and targeted prospect names – coupled with a multi-touch deployment strategy – increased new customer rates that achieved a significant ROI.

Key Learning:
The multi-touch aspects of the campaigns were successful beyond what initial projections suggested. This approach produced higher response rates than the client had ever generated in this channel, while achieving a 10% reduction in acquisition costs.


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