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We’ve been helping our clients successfully turn their audiences into new, valuable customer relationships for more than fifteen years. We help them achieve this outcome through a tailored approach that delivers marketing services that meets each client’s needs. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers.

Case Study: B2B Acquisition Strategy

Client Challenge:
One of the world’s most-respected food manufacturing brands needed to identify an efficient and effective way to increase the volume of new business contacts for their corporate gift buyer program, one that would perform better than the methods they were currently employing.

The AWI Solution:
Andrews Wharton developed a customized, comprehensive acquisition campaign that encompassed every element, from list selection to creative development, execution and results evaluation. A discussion about the key attributes associated with the ideal buyer led to a selection of highly targeted list segments from one of AWI’s business databases. One key factor included identifying holiday/gift buying triggers to maximize the likelihood that each contact was “in market” to make a purchase.

Creative tests were developed that showcased the client’s commitment to a quality product. The impact of a personalized catalog cover was also tested over a control group that received a non-personalized version. Further, a multi-channel contact strategy was applied, where prospects receiving the catalog also received a follow-up email reminder. The combination of the two communication vehicles was used to boost the order curve.

The creative tests drove higher response and acquisition for this initiative over other methods the client had previously used. Specifically, the addition of a customized catalog effort followed by an email “chaser” produced double digit opens rates and click-thru responses. This initiative was so well received that the customer repeated and expanded this approach into other brands, which extended AWI’s relationship with this client even further.

Key Learning:
The use of a multi-channel strategy – combined with improved creative – drove strong new customer acquisition growth, with a higher average unit of sale and greater lifetime value than traditional approaches.


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