Custom-Fit Solutions for Our Clients’ Greatest Needs

We’ve been helping our clients turn audiences into life-long, valued customers for years. Welcome to AWI. We offer the custom-fit services that turn your audiences into valuable customers, while identifying smart ways to help you retain them.

Our Stories are Based on Client Success. That’s All That Matters.

The success a company’s clients have enjoyed and how insights from that success can be applied and tailored to its business can measure the value a partner brings to a relationship. We have been fortunate to work with an impressive array of clients. In fairness, we learn considerably from our clients in the bargain. When combined with our experience and incredible breadth of solutions, AWI is proud to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our ability to deliver services and support consistently, on time and within budget makes the difference. We are an active participant with our clients in the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, the timely and accurate identification of new, valued customers and ultimately the growth of their business. We take this role very seriously.

To better understand how we custom-fit our comprehensive services, our powerful tools, and our expertise into impressive client results, we invite you to review our case studies that detail the business challenges our clients faced, the solutions we provided, and the results that were delivered. Not seeing exactly what you were looking for? Just ask. We have other case studies of our clients’ success that we would love to share with you.

Discover how AWI delivered a 35% increase in mail response and a 100% increase in email response by using an attitudi- nally-based model to identify and target receptive audiences.

Uncover how AWI stepped in with a new approach to deliver double-digit open rates and click-thru responses for one of the world’s most popular and well-respected food brands.

See how AWI effectively extended its client’s marketing function, helping them support one of their most important customers without the need to add staff or infrastructure.

Learn how AWI reduced consumer lead acquisition costs by over 10%, while significantly improving contact channel performance for a leading national insurance company.

See how three companies across a diverse set of industries used this unique, rewards-based incentive program to successfully attract new customers, decrease cancellations and customer defection, and win-back lost business.

Discover how AWI brought new life to an age-old practice associated with recruiting qualified candidates for pharmaceutical clinical trials, including a 30% cost savings over traditional methods and a significantly decreased time-to-conversion of moving candidates from hand-raisers to qualified leads.

Read how AWI identified a unique list source that delivered a 13% improvement in response and increased store foot traffic for a leading sports and activity apparel company by enriching records with key data.


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