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During dynamic periods of the business cycle, data, strategy and analytics become more important than ever. Chance favors those that are prepared.


Our Vision

According to the 2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book, consumers received over 85 billion pieces of advertising mail through the US Postal Service in 2015  An article published in the Wall Street Journal in 2011 stated that, on average, only 1.4% of households make a purchase, open a checking account, register for a credit card or otherwise respond to whatever is being offered. The quantity of acquisition emails is a multiple of the number of postal offers, generating on average .62% response. Add to this outpouring of offers those delivered by social media, pop-ups, SEM, banners, podcasts and telephone and you have an idea of the rich, multi-channeled mosaic that is today’s direct response landscape.

There is a commonality, however; a central energy source that fuels all of this activity…this outreach to current and future customers. That fuel is DATA. DATA is oil. DATA is electricity. DATA is nuclear energy. It is the sun that illuminates the path to your business growth, to increased market share, improved profitability and the ability to stay ahead of your competition.

Individually, what we provide – our data, enrichment and analytical solutions, and client support services – delivers real answers, real knowledge and real market experience to the pressing quandaries that keep clients like you up at night. Collectively, these powerful components create a robust, closed-looped marketing process that drives powerful, positive results for you.

At AWI, we understand that our success is directly tied to your ongoing accomplishments. The process of providing a comprehensive, concierge approach that is centered on data strategies starts with a thorough understanding of your business and the product or service being marketed. We work hard to become a natural, integral extension of your marketing team. We work strategically with you and our data and application partners to deliver unique content that custom fits the needs of your acquisition and growth objectives. We focus on purposing and “productizing” data and its related applications, comparing and contrasting its strengths and weaknesses with the needs of your initiatives to establish a service level that can be consistently delivered. We identify performance improvement opportunities by narrowing the lens on those audiences that will produce the greatest lifetime value and those that should be suppressed to maximize overall results.

That’s what we do at AWI. We’d welcome the chance to do it for you.

AWI acts as your data concierge, delivering fresh productive prospects and enhanced knowledge of existing customers.
The right data, enrichment services and analytical solutions to facilitate growth.
AWI has been delivering significant increases in lifetime customer value and a greatly improved return on marketing investment to our clients for years.
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